Hand and Heart is a new website full of positive stories from the Ardwick ward of Manchester. That’s Brunswick, Ardwick Green, Grove Village, Coverdale and West Gorton.

Up until 2022, the charity Forever Manchester will be working in the area to support residents and community groups to better connect with each other. Lisa Brown is Forever Manchester’s community builder for Ardwick:

“Starting work in a new area can be quite daunting,” says Lisa, “but for me, in my role as a community builder, it really is like unwrapping gifts on Christmas Day. Every street, park, pathway, building, wall, or actual human being is an asset to an area and it’s my job as a community builder to discover and map as many as possible.

“I’ve been given a fantastic welcome by local residents and groups and already there are some wonderful new connections being made and new community projects getting started. Over the coming months this website will be full of pieces highlighting the strength of this community and I can’t wait to see what fantastic stories are shared!”

Lisa is Forever Manchester’s community builder for Ardwick

Hand and Heart is taken from the title of one of Elizabeth Gaskill’s short stories. Read about her amazing work inspired by the people of Victorian Manchester.

This project is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund.