Not another April Fools

Unfortunately, this time spring comes with the biggest sad truth. Yes, these photos can tell much more than anyone can say about the current situation. People and nature are all living the pandemic.

Passing near the park on 9th April, I stood contemplating and looking thoroughly at our new park, the Sponge Park of West Gorton. The newly-laid patches of turf looked so pale and about to die! The trees on the other side were also dying!

“People and nature are all living the pandemic.”

Exactly like many people who are struggling to survive the coronavirus, and the others who have passed away and unable to see the spring. Coronavirus has put an end not only for some people, but also for some plants, which could not have the chance to grow and flourish.

A few days later I went to have a look at the park again. I saw the turf patches have been gathered to be taken away, what a pity!

To be realistic, I should say that we are all disappointed and sorrowful about what is happening. We cannot ignore that. The park was supposed to be open in time for spring. Amy from Groundwork has involved us in all the different stages of the park’s progress, we already feel a strong connection to it.

It’s not all about disappointment and negativity. Looking to the other side of park, you can see lots of green with flowers flourishing and trees thriving. So spring is here, and life goes on despite all the challenging circumstances.

“Look at the other side of the park… life goes on.”

We still have great hope. When the coronavirus is gone, the park will be ready. We will be able to spend lots of time with our families in the park. Enjoying doing outdoor activities, meeting friends and new people, sharing many stories, experiences and ideas. The community will come together again stronger and happier.

The compulsory quarantine at home has made people more excited about the park. We now appreciate the value of having a local park which will make a big difference to the community. I don’t think anyone will miss a chance to go to the park for recreation and entertainment.

Now, for the sake of coming together again, we should keep staying at home.